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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."     -Benjamin Franklin

The Oregon Society of Commercial Investors is pleased to present our newest educational series being offered.  We believe that financial literacy among active commercial investors is paramount to creating a healthy and sustainable marketplace. Therefore we have created these customized educational seminars to offer real life  expertise in several different real estate investment concepts.  Our instructors include some of the best investors, educators, financial experts and advisors in the industry.  The topics include deep dives into financial, market, investment and risk analyses along with high level investment concepts to help propel your investment journey forward.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation in Investment Real Estate
When:  Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 (10:30am - 12:30pm PST)
Where:  Zoom Online (Registration link below)
Cost:  $149

In the 2-hour class, “Risk Analysis and Mitigation in Investment Real Estate,” will take a deep dive into the most critical element in determining an investment’s viability.  We will identify various risk factors that can impact returns and quantify those factors against investor yield requirements.  Other topics addressed include:

  • Types of risk in CRE

  • Mitigating risk in portfolios

  • Understanding IRR and its implications

  • Applying differing discount rates to risk factors

  • Analyzing the maximum variance in differing risk outcomes

  • Basics of Supply/Demand forecasting

  • Utilizing NPV (Net Present Value) in yield analysis

In addition, we will be looking at real-world local real estate investments as case studies to reinforce these concepts and giving you helpful tools for your own evaluations.

Instructor:  Michael Hironimus, CCIM is the principal of Duckridge Realty Advisors specializing in portfolio and asset management for high net worth clients and institutions.  He is also a faculty instructor for the CCIM Institute, teaching professionals globally in the CI-102 Market Analysis Core Course.   He is the 2022 President of the local CCIM chapter and founder of the Oregon Society of Commercial Investors.

STDB - Mapping for Success
STDB - Mapping for Success
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